Co - Education

  Co - education means education of both boys and girls in the same school or college . The understanding of men and women is an important part of education . 

In the modern  age , it is necessary to work hand in hand . Education trains a man to live a successful life . Co - education trains both men and women to live peacefully and happily . 

Education develops all powers of boys and girls . It aims at making them happy and useful for society  . They must know each other . Their married life will  fail without this clear understanding . 

Co - Education prepares them to live in the practical world . This is one of the advantages of co - education . 

Education is equally useful for both boys and girls . Our poor country cannot afford to have separate schools and colleges for boys and girls in a sufficient number . They require a lot of money . 

We have a large number of schools and colleges for boys but not for girls . So co - education solves the problem . It saves a lot of money . Besides , everybody has equal rights and duties . Both men and women try for some jobs in the country . 

The competition is open to them . Co - education trains both boys and girls to do their duties well .

But there are some people who dislike co - education . They find it harmful for society . Our Hindu belief is against co - education . It is said that a young boy is like a burning fire and a young girl is like pure ghee . 

So such people disapprove of co - education . There is another objection to it . Girls are shy by nature . They cannot study in a boys , educational institution with all freedom . 

So they say that co - education is not useful and helpful to the women of our country . Some people argue that girls should be given a different kind of education . Co - education will not serve the purpose . 

But co - education has both merits and demerits . Some experiments in co - education have been successful . Mahatma Gandhi wanted to educate both boys and girls on equal terms . Today many women hold high posts in the country and abroad . 

Discipline must be of a high standard in co - educational institutions . Both boys and girls must learn good manners . Only then co - education will be useful .