Famine means the complete shortage of food . It is that stage when people begin to die for want of food . We know the famine of Bengal in 1943 . When hundreds and thousands men , women and children died .

Today there is no famine in india . But sometimes in some parts of the country there  is a famine - like situation . Many countries of the world face such a situation . But things have improved in our country . 

In the past india was said to be the land of milk and honey . But it became a country of famine , floods and poverty . There are several causes of famine in our country . The backwardness of indian agriculture is one of them . India is mainly a land of villages . Villagers depend on agriculture . But farmers have to face lots of problems . They are uneducated . 

They do not know modern methods of farming . Besides , their land is divided and sub - divided into methods of farming . Besides , their land is divided and sub - divided into many small pieces . Their cattle are poor and weak . Moreover , they have to depend on Nature for rain . In short , the backwardness of indian agriculture is one of the important causes of famine . 

In india , the population is rising very fast but the rise in food production is not so rapid . So there happens to be the shortage of food . All this results in famine . 

Even today there is the food shortage in some parts of Bihar . But the government does not allow the famine to visit us . There is a continuous supply of food grains in drought or flood - affected areas . 

We must try to check famine . We get help from other countries during the times of famine . But it is foolish to depend on them  for food . At the same time it is worse to  go on begging from country to country . We hope our family planning schemes will succeed in controlling the ever - rising population .

 Farmers must be educated to produce more foodgrains  through scientific methods of farming .  Irrigation facilities should be made  available to them . There must be a sufficient number of technical know - hows . Apart from this , man - made famine should be stopped . Corruptions at all levels must end if famine has to go for ever .