The dense forest on the earth . A large number of trees , shrubs and other varieties of plants . Forests also consist of mosses , fungi and algae . Forests around the world have been classified into different categories . 

They are - Tropical Rainforests , Montane forests ,  plantation forests etc . 

Tropical Rainforests

 These are extremely dense forests and majorly or entirely consist of evergreen  trees that remain green all round the year . 

You can see lush greenery around however since these are covered with canopy and an emergent layer over the same , these are devoid of enough sunlight and are thus mostly dark and damp . 

Montane forests 

These are known as the cloud forests . This is because these forests receive most of their downpour from the fog or mist that comes from the lowlands . 

Plantation forests 

These are basically large farms that grow cash crops such as coffee , tea , sugarcane , oil palms , cotton and oil seeds . 

Plantation forests produce about 40% of the industrial wood . These are particularly known for producing sustainable timber and fiber .