Hostel life

 Hostel life is different from life at home . A student gets love and affection from his elders at home . He lives a leisurely life . He has nothing to worry about . But he does not get a proper atmosphere for studies at home . 

 In a hostel , a student has to follow certain rules . He gets freedom . But he gets a good atmosphere for studies there . Hostel life creates  a sense of competition among the students . 

There is another advantage of hostel life . In a hostel , a student learns to live together . They also learn how to behave with others . Every student has to follow the same rules in a hostel . Thus , students develop a sense of co - operation and fellow- feeling . 

Hostel life is a life of joy and freedom . Students choose friends of their choice . There is a good arrangement for games and sports . Thus , students develop healthy habits . Every student develops both his mind and his body . No student can get such facilities at home . 

But hostel life has some disadvantages also . Some students who come from home get unlimited freedom in the hostel . Some of them form bad habits . Sometimes they become regular visitors to film - shows . Thus , they waste their valuable time , money and energy . They forget the real aim of student life . They neglect their studies . Yet hostel life has it's own importance . It makes a student dutiful and responsible.