Kisan essay

 India is an agricultural country . Seventy percent of the indian people are farmers . They produce the food - crops and the oil -seeds . The indian farmer is busy day and night . 

He works in sun and shower . He ploughs the land . He sows the seeds . He keeps watch over the crops at night . He guards the crops against the stray cattle . 

Bullocks are the precious possession of the indian farmer . He takes care of his bullocks . His wife and children help him in his work . The indian farmer is poor . His poverty is well - known to all the world . 

He cannot give education to his children . The indian farmer doesn't  posses a suitable residence . He has no good house to live in . He lives in a straw - thatched cottage . 

His room is very small and dark . The condition of the indian farmers should be improved . He should be taught the modern method of farming . He should be made literate .