Science has given us many things . The radio is one of the gifts of science . Marconi invited the radio  . The radio  is a branch of the wireless  system . There are radio stations in   big cities .

There are broadcasting transmitters at the radio station . They change sound into the electric waves . These waves float in the air . Our radio set catches these floating waves . It transforms them again into sound . Thus we hear radio programmes . 

The radio plays an important role in modern life . It is very popular in towns and villages . It is a source of entertainment . We hear various kinds of songs and music on the radio . Sometimes there are programmes  of film songs .

 Poets and singers also give their programmes over the radio  .  Running commentaries on many items of sports and games can be heard on the  radio . Thus the radio is a source of pleasure today . 

The radio is a medium of education . We hear the news of the world on the radio . We can know what happens in the world everyday . The radio keeps us in contact with the whole world . Besides , there are programmes for school and college students . 

Farmers are also educated through the radio . They learn new methods of farming . Sometimes there are lessons in cooking , neddle - work , sewing and other  domestic activities for women . Our radio gives mental food for every kind of listener . 
In the modern age the radio has become the source of propaganda . Politicians talk over the radio . Businessmen advertise their goods over the radio . They try to make their goods popular . So the radio is a very good medium of publicity and propaganda . 

Sometimes the government may misuse the radio . It may try to change the public opinion . The radio is a weapon in the hands of the government . 

Today we have different kinds of radios and transistors . Their prices are not very high . The radio is our friend and companion . It is a must for every family today .