Student life

Student life is the best part of life . A student learns many things from books  . But he has  to enter the real world after world his student life is over . So , he needs practical knowledge of things . Student life prepares a man to live a successful life . 

In fact , student life is a life of learning . A student learns morality and good manners . He understands the value of discipline in life . So student life is a period of making and preparation . 

Student life is a care - free life . It is a life of joy . A student is free from almost all cares of the world . He gets a different atmosphere at college from that of home . He takes part in games and sports . 

He goes sometimes on a picnic and sometimes on educational trips . A student lives in a small world of his school or college . The life of a student , therefore , is a golden period of life . 

Student life  is a life of discipline . At home a student may behave well or badly . But the atmosphere of a school or college is completely different . 

Good boys are loved and praised . Wicked boys are punished . All students have to follow some rules and obey their teachers . Thus , they learn discipline . Discipline makes them selfless and teaches them ' live and let live ' .

Student life is a life of character - building . Character has its importance in life . A student must be bold and fearless . He must think of society .

He should try to solve the problems of the nation . He must be loving and truthful . Student life is a life of character formation . Students must have a sense of patriotism . They must go on doing work without thinking of the dead past and the uncertain future .