The cinema

 The cinema is one of the gifts of science . It presents the drama of human life . The scenes and songs of a film are  very appealing . 

A great number of films are produced in our  country  every year . It is next only to the U.S.A. in  the production of films . The cinema is very popular today . The cinema is a cheap and fine source of amusement . 

Our life is busy . We want some relief from dull and routine work . The cinema is the most popular means of entertainment . Beautiful scenes , sweet songs and thrilling dances make us happy . We forget the real world for some time and we are lost in the world of joy and beauty . 

The cinema has its educative value , too . A good film teaches us lots of lessons . It may tell us something about history , geography , biology , hygiene and other things . We see the new countries , rivers , mountains etc . In a film . 

We see the dresses , customs , festivals etc. Of people in  different regions or countries . A film can teach us something of literature , philosophy and economics . Moreover ,  teaching through pictures is more lasting in the memory than teaching through books . 

But the film is not always useful . Bad films may spoil our young boys and girls . Some films have a strong sex - appeal . So , they are not suitable for children  .

 Some film - songs are vulgar . There are scenes of violence , dacoity , murder etc. In the film . So , these are the demerits of a film . 

Efforts should be made to produce good films . Films should create healthy effects on visitors . Films should not show much of violence . Film - producers should keep some national problems  in mind .

 A film is also a great source of propaganda and advertisement . Vulgar songs and scenes should be avoided in a film . Thus  a film can be of great use to society .