The library

 Bacon says , " Reading makes a man perfect . " we learn lots of things from books . A library creates in us a healthy interest in studies . We get books , newspapers and journals in the library . If we develop reading habits , our knowledge will grow more  and more . This is the great advantage of a library.

  A Library has all kinds of books . It has both old and new books . Rare and latest books also are available in the library . Books written long ago can be had there . Besides , some books are very costly . New  books are published every month . We can get many of them in a good library . 

There is another use of a library . It helps in spreading knowledge . Most of the people are poor . They cannot afford to buy books and newspapers . A library can solve their problems . People get books of their choice . Thus they spend their leisure hours fruitfully . A library is of great service to people both in towns and in villages . 

Only a library is not enough . The library should run  well . In order to run the library  , a good librarian is needed . He guides his readers and suggests good books to them . He also makes arrangements for the regular supply of books to readers . Only a well - trained librarian will do all this . 

India is a poor country . We do not have a good number of libraries . Whatever libraries we have , they are  not properly managed . Sometimes good books are missing . Sometimes funds are not there . Thus general readers have to suffer . At times , a few readers also create problems . Some of them steal away the books . Some take away pages and pictures from books .