The summer season

 In india , the summer season lasts long . Summer in our country is very hot . When it is terribly hot , people spend sleepless nights . Days in summer are long and nights are short . The day begins early . People get up with sleepless limbs . 

The early hours of the morning give us lots of freshness . But soon after the sun becomes very hot . From about 10 a.m. the summer - wind ('loo') begins to blow . The wind is hot . The strong sun adds to its fury . Schools and colleges are held in the morning . Most of the offices , too , are held in the morning . 

At noon , the heat reaches its peak . The Ray of the cause sun - strokes . In places like Gaya and patna in Bihar and all over uttar pradesh , sun - strokes cause deaths . People become thirsty in summer . 

Streets become deserted at noon . The rickshaw - pullers often suffer sun - strokes . Everything looks quiet . Nobody likes to get out of his   door . The noon of a summer day brings restlessness and discomforts . 

In the evening , the heat of the sun decreases . Even then the sun appears like a big ball of fire . The day continues to be hot . But people come out of their houses . They do their work . Rickshaws , cars , bicycles and other vehicles are seen on the road . 

Children do not like to stay in the house even at noon . But their parents force them to stay inside . The moment it is evening , they get out to play on the playground . Gradually , the atmosphere cools down . But hot winds sometimes continue to blow till 6 p.m. Even then people have some pleasant moments in the evening . There is a great demand for cold drinks and ice - cream on a summer day . 

A day in summer has some problems . It is difficult to work at noon . It is not always possible to sleep well at night . Nobody likes to stay at home in the evening . Morning is the only time when a man can do something . 

He often spends a sleepless night , so he feels lazy and sleepy even in the morning . But  a day in summer is good in the sense that we do not need heavy clothes to put on . The morning is generally pleasant . Students can work in the day time . On the whole , a hot day in summer is often a day of laziness .