The winter season

 The winter season is one of the most important seasons of india . This season comes after the rainy season .  Winter stays in our country for about three months . The whole atmosphere is cold in this season . 

Nights are long and days are short . The cold winds blows all the time . The sky often remains clear . Sometimes it rains during this season . Dew drops at night . There is fog in the morning . 

The cold wind is the chief agent of this season . It makes the weather dull and chilly . Sometimes the untimely rain makes life miserable . It destroys our crops . Frost is another agent of the winter season . 

Naturally , it is always very difficult to go out at night in winter . But winter in india is not as cold as it is in some European countries . Both people and animals die because of cold in our country . 

But the winter season has it's own  importance . It is very useful for health . People like to walk in the morning . They find fresh air to breathe in . In summer we cannot work for long . But in winter we can go on working for hours and hours .

We do not get tired easily . There is no problem of mosquitoes  in this season . People do not fall ill as they do in summer . Besides , dew drops on the grass look like Pears. This season is very important for farmers , too .

The winter season creates problems for poor people . They have to work hard during the day time . They often sit by the fire at night . They have no warm clothes . 

Sometimes they need to work even in the night . A large number of birds and other small animals die in this season . Travelling is troublesome in this season . We have to carry lots of luggage with us . 

However , the winter season is very useful . We like to sit and work in the sun . There is no case of snake - bite . Everything looks fresh . So I like this season .