The tiger is a carnivorous animal . It has been declared by the indian government as the national animal of india . It is considered as the strongest , powerful and most beautiful animal on this earth . It lives in dense forest and sometimes comes to the villages . 

Tigers are generally used to live in cold places however Royal Bengal tigers in the forest near river that's why they know well to swim . 

Few days ago , tigers were hunted by the people to a great extent for fulfilling various purposes including illegal business of its body parts like skin , bones , teeth , nail etc . 

Tiger has a strong and powerful body using which it can jump up to the high length (almost 8 ft ) and run up for long distance ( almost 85 km/ h ) . Black strips on their blue , white or orange body make them really attractive and beautiful . 

Tiger found   about all over the country . They are - Bangladesh , Cambodia ,  Thialand , china , Nepal , Malaysia etc . It can naturally strong jaws , teeth and sharp etc . 

Tiger was selected as the National animal of India by the government  because of its power , strength and agility .