Travelling means going from one place to another . People travel to visit new places and they meet new people . They know about their living . They learn good manners .

Travelling does not mean visiting towns and villages near our home . It is something more than this . We must travel for the sake of travelling . The great affair is to move . This is the meaning of travelling . 

Travelling is a great source of pleasure . Our daily routine makes our life dull . So life becomes charmless and uninteresting . Travelling gives us a change in our life . 

We get away from our daily routine . New places and things make our mind fresh . Then we do our work with more care and interest . In brief , the aim of travelling is to get pleasures . 

We have several means of travelling . In the past people travelled on the horses or on foot . Now a bus or train is a common means of travelling . It is cheap , too .

 It takes us to any part of the country . We can cross deep seas and oceans by ship . We can cross high mountains by plane . But I like to travel by train .

 Travelling teaches us a lot of lessons . It makes us self - dependent . We have difficulties in travelling . We have to buy tickets and look after our luggage . 

We meet people of different places . We have to adjust with them . Thus travelling makes us large - hearted and broadminded  . 

In fact , travelling is an education in itself . What we read in  books can be seen in the real world . Thus travelling makes us practical . It adds to our knowledge .

 Field learning is a kind of permanent learning . We can learn much of geography in the field and much of botany in the garden . So travelling is very useful . Bacon says , " Travel , in the younger sort , is a part of education ; in the elder , a part of experience ."