" it was mainly the habit of long walks that kept me practically free from illness thoughout  my stay in England and gave me a fairly strong body ," says mahatma Gandhi . Walking is a very good exercise .

It is useful for both the mind and the body . At the same time , it gives a lot of pleasure  to a walker. An open place is necessary  for walking . It is harmful to walk at dirty places . The place for walking must be open , neat and clean . A man must get fresh air while walking .

Morning is the best time for walking . Some people  walk in the evening , too .  The manner and speed of walking differ with age . Old men walk slowly . But young men walk fast . For old people , time is not important . But young people have to keep the time factor in view . People walk to keep good health . 

Walking is useful to old men in two ways . Firstly , they while away their time in walking . Secondly , it gives them a lot of energy and freshness . Walking in the evening is mostly old men's affairs . They sometime walk both in the morning and in the evening . Some of them take long walks . They follow the true spirit of the saying : " After dinner rest a while , after supper walk a mile . " 

Walking has many advantages . Firstly   physical movement is necessary for living a healthy life . Walking removes many of the stomach complaints . Secondly , a morning walk presents a lot of beautiful scenes of nature . 

People , while walking in  the morning , hear the sweet songs of birds . They enjoy the beauty of sunrise . They find pleasure in the silence of nature . So an early riser knows the pleasure of the beauty of nature .

In fact , all seasons are good for walking . But it is pleasant to walk on early summer mornings . It is equally pleasant to walk in the winter  season . The beauty of dew drops on green grass gives lots of pleasure to walkers . But walking is not so pleasant in  the rainy season . 

An umbrella or a rain - coat becomes a problem . Walking loses all its charms then . In brief , a man must walk regularly . We must learn some lessons from the experiences of mahatma Gandhi . He writes , " Even when I began to earn money , I kept up the practice of walking to and from the office , and I am still reaping the benefits of that practice . "