World biggest hospital

 Zhengzhou university China 

    zhengzhou university is located in zhengzhou, Henan, China.  It is the largest university in the whole world.  It has about 73,000 students and 70000 beds. 

 It was established in 1928 AD.  Its campus is very large (spread over about 433 hectares or 1070 acres).  The administrative staff in this is about 5926.  There are 221 projects in this university.  

Due to its expansion in 7 disciplines (chemistry, materials sciences, clinical medicine, engineering, pharmacology and toxicology, biology and biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics) in this university, it is number one in the whole world. 

 This university has a garden, a pond and a waterfall and a library.  There are different types of restaurants in this university (eg - Indian restaurant, Pakistani restaurant etc.).  

Students from many countries come to study in this university.  Various types of stage performances take place in the annual function of this university.  

Some students do stage performance in relation to their country.  This university looks beautiful.