A night before an examination

 The examination is a very important thing in the life of a student  . A night before an examination is like a bad dream . It often makes a student  serious , anxious and nervous .

It keeps him busy most of the time . A student glances through the pages . He reads and revises  important and expected questions for his examination . How to pass the examination is the common concern of all . 

A night before an examination makes all students  serious readers . Those who developed the habit of reading or studying their subjects late are not sure of success . They try to read a lot . But they find that things are slipping out of their memory . Students often lose patience a night before their examination . 

They do not have their mental peace or sound sleep . Very often some rumours about the leaking of questions spread a night before the examination . Wherever this news goes , students pay serious attention to the ' leaked out ' questions . They run here  and there for answers to those questions . Thus students look overworked for success a night before an examination  . 

Many students turn religious - minded as their examinations draw closer and closer .  They begin to worship Gods and goddesses for their  success . They become seasonal visitors to temples , churches or mosques .

 They arrange their pens and pencils . They also arrange their books , note - books and other things a night before an examination  . 

However,  a night before an examination should not cause undue fear or nervousness . It need not cause unnecessary joy or sadness  . In fact , a student should prepare well beforehand . A sleepless night or a night with disturbed sleep is undesirable . There is nothing like a few hours of sleep to refresh the mind . A tired mind is very bad for an examinee .

 It is always harmful to arrive at the examination  hall tired . A tired mind refuses to work well . Even the facts well - remembered by students keep slipping off the mind . A fresh mind is always sure of success  in the examination  . But how the night before an examination  is spent depends upon the degree of preparation .