College life

 College life is a golden period of life . Students are grown up at this stage . They very well know their duties and responsibilities . They do their duty and enjoy life .

College life is a life of happiness . It is a life of  learning and training , too . Students are full of energy . They look healthy both physically and mentally.  

There is a great difference between school life and college life . At school , students are not so sensible as they are at college . Most of the students are under the care of their parents at school .

 But they become independent at college . A college student has more leisure than school students . At school , students have to attend more classes . At college , they have to attend fewer classes . 

Students enter a college after their school days are over . A college gives a wider atmosphere for the mental , physical and emotional development of students . They learn how to depend on self - help . 

They also understand the value of co - operation and fellow - feeling . At college , the sense of discipline comes from within . College life is a life of preparation and training . It is rightly said , ' No knowledge without college ' . 

College life has another advantage . Students are free to choose  subjects of their choice . Such facilities are available only at the college level . They may study subjects of their taste and  desire . 

Thus , they get a wider scope for the development  of their knowledge at college  . This is one of the special charms of college life . 

College life has many facilities for studies . There is a library with a large number of books  . There is a reading - room for students . 

They get lots of newspapers  and magazines . Besides there are well - qualified teachers at college . So , college life is really the best period of life . If students are sincere , they can go to any heights .