Examination day

 The examination day is a very important day for a student  .  It is a day of different feelings and experiences . When he gets up in the morning , his mind is filled with hopes and fears . He often prays to God for success in the examination . Thus , a student goes to the examination - hall with mixed feelings in his mind . 

On reaching the examination - hall , he looks for his roll number first . He gets his seat  . His heart - beats go up . He anxiously waits for the warning bell . The invigilators enter the hall with question - papers and blank answer books . The answer - books are distributed . Every examinee looks eager and anxious to get the question paper . 

Those students who get the question - papers first start reading them . Those who are still to get them wait impatiently . Some students begin to write answers . Some still go on reading the questions . Some others look here and there . 

Some students begin to write the answers at a fast speed . But some students who have not prepared their course well  feel nervous . They look helpless and anxious . Such boys  sit idle . A few of them leave the examination - hall after submitting their answer - books much earlier than the due time . 

The invigilators are active and watchful in the examination - hall . They move about and warn the students against the use of unfair means in the examination . When the final bell goes , the invigilators collect the answer - books from the examinees . They often shout , ' stop writing !' 

While coming out of the examination hall , some examinees look very happy . But some others look very sad . Those who do badly want to give up the examination .