Merits and demerits of examinations

 Many of us feel that examinations are useless . They serve no purpose . They are more a lottery than a test of real merit . So many students feel that examinations  should be abolished . 

But we cannot abolish them because they test our progress in studies . Examinations have both merits and demerits . And we must consider them before saying anything definite about this system . 

The feeling that students will be tested at the  end of the academic session kills the joy of reading . The teacher will always have his eyes on the examination and his teaching becomes a kind of coaching students for a pass .

 Students also start committing  their lessons to memory . They think that cramming will help them through the examination . Students depend more  upon memory and preparations of answers to questions than upon acquiring knowledge .

Sometimes examiners are men of moods . The marking of answer papers is subjective . The way one examiner examines the answer paper differs from the way another  examiner does it . So the system does not make for sound education . 

Examinations are competitive tests in which each student tries to surpass his rival . This rivalry , ends into selfish competition . Rich students take the help of tutors . Thus students become selfish and narrow - minded . Knowledge is not the end of studies in such an atmosphere . 

But examinations have their importance also . It is the fear of the examination that keeps students at their books . If not , they might waste  their time . Thus examinations serve the purpose of compelling students to read their books .

 It is true that examinations do not do full justice to students . But they certainly do some amount of justice . Since there is no alternative to examinations should be minimized . 

In order to make examinations more reliable . We must lay stress on the viva voce . It may be difficult to judge the real worth of a student from his written answer . But an interview for fifteen or twenty minutes will soon convince the examiner as to his real merit .

 At the same time greater importance should be attached to class examinations . There should be records of class - work and they may decide about the merit of a student . The number of examinations may be increased to lessen the burden of students . Thus the system of present - day examinations  may be improved .