School life and college life

 There is a difference between school life and college life . School life is a life of control . It is a life of guardianship  .  School life is a life of strict discipline . A school student enjoys a limited amount of freedom . Some students live in hostels . 

But most of them are day scholars . At college , most of the students live in hostels  . They are free to do their work in their own way . So a college student is a maker of his own fortune . In brief , college life is a life of freedom and happiness . 

There is another difference between school life and college life . School hours are fixed . Students have to be at school for fixed hours every day . But at college the hours of attendance vary .

 Students have to attend three or four classes every day . They have sufficient leisure hours also between the periods . On some days they return early from college . On other days they return late in the afternoon . 

School life is happier than college life  in many respects . A school student jumps,  laughs and moves about freely . He may cry or shout . But a college student is always told that he is no longer a school student . So he must behave as a grown - up man . 

The compulsory games , sports and drills in the school make a student physically strong . But every student does not enjoy these facilities at college . College teachers do not know most of their students . So , school life seems to be more pleasant than college life .

However  , college life has more facilities for the development of knowledge than school life . A college  student very well  knows how to use the library and the students common room . 

In a college library , a student has greater freedom in the choice of books . He gets different kinds of magazines and newspapers in the students common room .  There are also very good arrangements for games and sports . 

But school life is better than college life . A school boy is free from care . He lives a natural life . But a college student understands the world he lives in . 

He has to manage many things for himself at college . A college is an unknown place for a school boy . He always has the sweet memory of his school life .