Your programme after examination

 Every student wants to do something after his examination . I also want to do some work . I have been busy preparing for my examination.  I have postponed all my journeys to different historical places .

 First of all , l shall visit Bodh Gaya , vaishali and Nalanda soon after my examination.  It is said Lord Buddha attained the Nirvan under the Bodhi tree at Gaya . Vaishali was famous all over the world for its democracy . Nalanda was known in Asia for its university . 

But I shall not spend all my time in travelling . I shall do something for my studies also . I am not very good at English and Mathematics .

 My brother will be arriving home during the summer vacation . He will help me in these two subjects . I hope i  shall do my best for better grounding in other subjects too . 

But this is not all that I plan to do after my examination  . I want to do some social service also . In fact , the progress of the nation depends on the right type of subjects . So we must have love for our motherland . 

I shall be living in my village . Most of the villagers are illiterate .  They do not know what is happening in india and abroad . So , I want to start a night school I my village . It will give me a lot of satisfaction . 

India is a developing country . One of its main problems is the shortage of food - grains . My father is a farmer . He is growing old and weak now . He needs some one to help him .

 I wish to work in the field when I get time during the days after my examination.  I shall grow some vegetables in the kitchen garden . A vegetable garden is very useful . This will supply me with fresh and green vegetables . 

But ' all work and no play makes Jack  a dull boy ' . I shall take part in games in the evening . I play both football  and badminton . I also like to play volleyball . During the examination period , almost every student becomes physically weak .

 He has no mental peace . He , therefore , needs mental relief and physical rest after  his examination.  I shall arrange ' Kirtan ' at night in my village . All these things will bring a new life to the villagers .