Essay emerging role of teachers since independence

  An ideal teacher should have many qualities . A student remembers such a teacher for long . The effect of his personality on students lasts long . An ideal teacher is one who is loved and respected by every student . 

He must try to win the heart of all students . He should try to establish a kind of relationship between himself and his students . By his very look and appearance an ideal teacher impresses his students .

An ideal teacher should be a scholar . He must have the knowledge of the subject he teaches in the class . He should teach the subjects in an interesting way . He should be able to make the students really interested in the subject . 

He should Express well ; he should have a good voice and he must have love for teaching . The students should feel that their minds are growing under his teaching . An ideal teacher deals with the subject well . He makes his subject interesting , too . 

An ideal teacher is one who makes his students think . He not only passes information to them but also develops love for learning . He activities the minds of his students . 

He teaches them how to think and grow logical power . He brings into play the hidden mental power of students . He must be a man of ideas . He should explain things in a scholarly and interesting way . 

An ideal teacher is ideal in all respects . He does not use words of learned length . He does not use difficult sentences . His language must be clear , easy and simple so that students may understand it . 

His teaching should be a tonic to the mind . An ideal teacher should be a self - respecting man . Thus his students also acquire self - respect and dignity from him . 

An ideal teacher must be a man of culture . He should have a sense of duty and responsibility.  He should be honest to himself , to his students and to his profession . Man - making is the central function of an ideal teacher is a student's friend , philosopher and guide .