Essay on how to beat pandemic blues 300 words

  A disease that is present everywhere (in the country or abroad) is called a pandemic, such as corona virus etc.  Corona virus originated from Wuhan city of China and spread all over the world, due to which many people have come under the grip of corona virus.  

This disease is very dangerous, its medicine is fully successful  working.  In our country, all people are being injected for not having corona virus.  

  After taking the first needle, fever may or may not come according to one's own body.  After the needle comes the needle certificate.  

The government had taken some important steps to protect against corona virus - at the time of corona virus, the country imposed a lockdown, that is, no people can leave the house without work.

In this period, social distancing should be followed i.e. social distance.  People used to go out of the house only for the essentials (eg medicine, food, etc.).  In this period, everything was closed so that the doctors, police and drivers were doing double duty during this period to avoid this disease.  

At some places, the police used to punish the extravagant people on the road itself (e.g., meeting, becoming a mugi and Ghayam etc.).  During this, all the government duty' schools, colleges and private duties were discharged and everyone was advised that you can do online duty' online class only by staying at home.  Now slowly people are getting free from corona.

A disease that spreads from one country to the rest of the world is called a pandemic.  Like - coronavirus.  Coronavirus originated from the Wuhan district of China and has spread all over the world.

  The disease caused by coronavirus has been named covid-19.  It spread from the city of Wuhan in China.  covid-19 - corona - virus - disease of 2019 .  Coronavirus is a pandemic.  Scientists first named the coronavirus as SARS-Cov-2.  SARS - cov -2 ( severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2).  

Now its name is covid - 19. Punjab launched cova Punjab app to make aware about coronavirus.  COVA (Corona virus Alert).  WHO declared covid-19 a pandemic. WHO (World Health Organization).  

First a complete curfew was imposed in the state of Punjab due to Coronavirus.  Haryana has become the first state in India to declare Coronavirus as an epidemic.  SAARC Covid - 19 Emergency Fund in India was announced to give 10 million dollars in aid. 

 SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional cooperation. Instagram launched Instagram feed feature to create awareness about corona virus. Whatsapp launched Whatsapp chatbot feature in India to make aware about coronavirus. About corona virus  Google launched a new website Google .com / covid - 19 to raise awareness in. 

The structure of coronavirus shows respect to the crown when viewed under a microscope. This virus got its name due to the structure resembling the coronavirus crown. Corona virus from SARS and MERS  Related to SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome), MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). 

Coronavirus was first identified in 1960. The main symptoms of corona virus are fever, cough and shortness of breath. For covid-19  SARS - Covid - 2 virus is responsible. Delhi started 'Operation Shield' for Kovid - 19. The new virus of coronavirus was permanently named 2019 - ncov. facebook to create awareness about corona virus  C in India  oronavirus information center feature was launched. 

 The name of the corona virus is derived from the Latin language.  The World Bank had announced a grant of $ 12 million to help the coronavirus victims.  The corona virus vaccine was being tested in Australia under the leadership of SS Vasan, an Indian scientist.

  Janata Curfew was imposed in the country on 22 March 2020 due to Coronavirus.  The name of the test of coronavirus was RT - PCR.  RT (Reverse Transcription), PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).  Reliance opened India's first COVID-19 dedicated hospital in Mumbai.  Rajasthan became the first state to lockdown due to corona virus. 

 NHA had signed an agreement with Uber Company to provide transportation service to public health workers involved in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.  With the consent of the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Governors and Members of Parliament had agreed to cut 30% salary for one year to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.  

Delhi had announced a 5T and drinking plan to prevent the spread of corona virus.  5 T (Testing, Tracing, Treatment, Teamwork and Tracking).  The Chhattisgarh Police had created the Raksha Sarv app to track down the quarantined persons.