Essay on how to revive indian economy

 All activities related to money and property by human beings are called economic activities.  These are measured through monetary value.

  Therefore, these activities add value to the national income.  Example - doing some business, doing job etc.  economy activities.  

The following are the activities of the economy - production, use, exchange, distribution, public revenue.  Production - It is an economic activity in which the utility or importance of the commodity is increased. 

 In production, labor, capital and technology etc. have great importance.  Converting input into output is production.  Consumption – The use of production is called consumption. 

 The use is done economically which fulfills the objectives of production.  Essential goods are obtained by the consumers by paying the price to the producers.  

Investment - Investment is the economic activity by which production is expanded, so as to get more profit. 

 Exchange - The general meaning of exchange is the exchange of goods, but in modern economics, exchange is the economic activity which is related to the purchase and sale of goods.  This action is done by money or value.  

Therefore it is also called production price, which means to determine the value of the product on the basis of different market conditions.  Such as perfect competition, imperfect competition, monopoly etc.  

There are two types of exchange - commercial exchange, commercial exchange.  Distribution - The distribution system is the system to deliver the goods or services manufactured by a company, institution or country to the citizens and consumers. 

 Distribution is that chapter, through which we know that, how the country's national income or gross domestic product should be distributed in the form of salary, wages and profit of what is produced in the country?

  Distribution is that economic activity which is concerned with the prices of the factors of production;  For example, land, labour, capital and undertakings etc.  

This is also called means evaluation;  For example, the value of land i.e. rent, value of labor i.e. wages, value of capital i.e. interest and value of venture capital i.e. profit.