Essay on memorable family trip to Ramnagar

 Ramnagar is a beautiful town in Darjeeling located in the state of Uttarakhand, India.  This beautiful town is located 65 km from Nainital and 250 km from the country's capital Delhi. 

The transmission from Ramnagar bus stand to Delhi and other airports to Nainital is done by both State Transport Corporation and private buses. 

 Ramnagar has its own railway station at some distance from the bus stand.  The railway was laid by the British in 1907.  This railroad is connected to the country's capital Delhi and other metropolitan cities of North India. 

 Settled by H. Ram in the 18th century, this town got the status of a municipality in 1957.  People of all religions come here without any discrimination.  This town is the first gate of Jim Corbett National Park.  Lakhs of tourists come here to visit.  

Ramnagar is the oldest national park in India known as Jim Corbett.  This park, spread over 520 km, includes snow, hills, marshy pits, grasslands and large lakes.  Along with this, animals like lion, elephant, bear, tiger, cheetah come out in huge quantity. 

 Today there is no such corner of the world where tourists do not come here to see.  The months of November to May are for tourists to visit Jim National Park. 

 In this month many travel agencies arrange to tour the tourists.  One to one great facility is available for the tourists to stay here.  Ramnagar is known for Litchi, the queen of fruits. 

 Litchi is also supplied in large quantities from here to other cities.  Among other famous places around there is a grand temple of Mata Virja Devi at a place called Kalachar near a black road, 15 km from Ramnagar.  Which is situated on a small hill on the banks of Kosi river.  Since 1970, lakhs of devotees visit this temple every year.