Essay on school in urdu language

 India is a country of villages . Soon after independence schools were started in almost every village . Generally , a village school is made of brick and mud . 

It is situated away from the noisy atmosphere of the village . A village school does not have a good - looking building . But it is neat and clean . Each room is sunny and airy . There is a school garden in front of the school building . There is a small playground for children . 

A village school is a noisy place . Both boys and girls read together in a primary school of the village . Children are poor . So , they are often dirty and not well - dressed . 

Examinations also are held in a village school . One examination is held six months after the classes start . This is called the half - yearly examination . Another examination is held for promotion to the next higher class . This is called the annual examination . 

The routine of the village school is different . All students have to do some social service . They do gardening . First  they go to their prayer and then to their classes . 

Students read their lessons loudly . They often memorize their lessons in the class . Wicked students are afraid of their teachers . Teachers teach all subjects in the school . All good children respect their teachers . 

The teacher of a primary school is called Guru . He is respected in the village . He lives in a simple way . His dress is simple and plain . Village school masters are not highly educated . 

But they are lovers of strict discipline . They like to make all students obedient and disciplined . Sometimes villagers come to them to get their letters written or read out . 

But a village school has several problems to face . Its building is collapsing . In most cases , there are no good buildings at all . No doubt , teachers are better paid off . But they have to be sincere in discharging their duties . 

Poor children should be given books and other incentives so that they may study well . Our country is still backward in the field of education . Village schools will help a great deal in solving the problems . So there must be a well - managed and well - run school in every village of our country .