I want all types of oriya quotes which are used in all types of essays for exam


 A picnic does not mean a party of music only . It also means something in the shape of a feast . It is arranged in the open air . A picnic gives us a chance to go away from the regular task of life . 

We forget this busy life at least for some time . Picnics are of different kinds .  A man may go for a picnic with the members of his own family . A picnic with friends is very popular in india . 

A picnic requires planning . The date and time are fixed . A suitable place is selected . Preparations for the picnic are made . Things are collected and arranged . Some eatable things are set ready  . Necessary utensils for cooking are arranged . A picnic party without magic and songs is no picnic party at all . 

The picnic itself is the next stage . Laughing , singing , dancing and eating are the important parts of a picnic . The members of a picnic party cook food and eat . 

This is how a person enjoys a picnic . Very recently we arranged a picnic . Our college was closed for the x - mas holidays . Six boys and four girls decided to go for a picnic . We went to the bank of the Narayani at Hajipur . Each of us deposited Rs. 15/- . We were there at 8.30 a.m.

It was the time for breakfast . So , we had tea and biscuits.  After that we had some time to enjoy ourselves . Then again we began to cook our midday meal . 

Everyone was busy . We were hungry , too . The food was ready . We ate more and more  . We had some musical instruments with us . Some of us sang and danced . Thus , we spent time in laughing and making merry  . We returned home in the evening . Our picnic was really very enjoyable .