I want to become doctor essay in hindi

 The modern age is an age of science . Science has done wonderful service to man . We see the work of a  science in every walk of life . But it is both good and bad . 

The two world wars show that science is very destructive . But science has given us some good things , too . Of course , a war In the modern age means the end of the world . At the same time , we cannot forget the blessings of science . 

The progress of science in the field of medicines and surgery is remarkable . Many new medicines are available today to cure us of some deadly disease . Now major operations of the brain or the heart are easy . 

Such operations were neither safe nor simple some twenty years ago . X - ray has done a wonderful job . Naturally , the death - rate is lowering every year . 

Science has solved many of our problems in travelling . The age of horses and Bullock - carts is gone . It is an age of jet planes which fly faster than the sound . Distance is no problem now . 

We have cars , jeeps , trucks , buses , trains , trams , ships , planes , helicopters etc . Big mountains and deep seas do not stand in our way . 

Telegraph , wireless , telephone , radio and television are some other gifts of  science  . These things have made the world look small . They have solved the problem of time and space in the world . 

Besides , electricity is yet another gift of science to man . It turns a night into a day . It runs big machines . It is at root of our progress . It has become part of our life . 

But we cannot forget the other side of science . Nuclear weapons can finish the whole world in no time . Tanks , bombs , war planes are very dangerous . But science is neither good nor bad by itself . It depends on how we use it . So science is always in the service of man . Let us make the best use of it .