Impact of speech second stage of coronavirus in india essay

 Lockdown means lockout.  At the time of lockdown, people were advised to stay at home, due to which the government was strictly following the lockdown. 

 This was necessary because an epidemic called corona virus came to mankind for the first time in history.  Now the whole country was imprisoned in their homes to fight this virus.  The only way to avoid this epidemic was social distancing.  

This infection spread very fast from one person to another, due to which the Government of India considered Lokdan as the only necessary way to avoid it.  A lockdown was an emergency system imposed during a disaster or epidemic.  

The people of the area where the lockdown was imposed were not allowed to come out of the house.  They were allowed to go out only for the purchase of essential things like necessities (such as medicines and food items).  Many people lost their lives due to the lockdown.

  During the lockdown, people without work did not roam on the road.  Before the lockdown, people were so busy in their daily routine that they never got time for their children and used to say who has time in today's routine.  But the lockdown has ended all excuses. 

 People play games with their children in their own homes and sit with elders and talk among themselves.  Students study online in their own homes.  Adults work online from the comfort of their homes.