Indiscipline among students

 Discipline means obedience to rules and laws . It is necessary in every walk of life . Every house has some standards of conduct . All members of the house have to follow them . Students and teachers have to act according to the rules of their schools and colleges . 

There is some sort of discipline all over the world . There is an order in the movement of the sun and the moon . There will be a great disturbance if they go wrong . So , discipline is very necessary for success in life . 

Today it is said that our students are indisciplined . In fact , there are many students who do not know the value of discipline .   They act in their own way . Indiscipline is a dangerous disease . The whole world of students suffers from it . It has become a serious problem today . Indiscipline among students is mainly of two kinds .

 They are group indiscipline and individual indiscipline . Sometimes students go on strike . They take law and order into their  own hands . Sometimes they travel without tickets and destroy national properties . Sometimes they use  unfair means in their examinations . Some of them sing vulgar songs and tease girl students . Some of them come to their classes late and go away without their teacher's permission . 

There are several causes of indiscipline among students . First , schools and colleges are over - crowded . All students do not get individual attention . Thus they feel neglected . Then they indulge in anti - social work .

Secondly , there is no close relationship between teachers and students . Thirdly , some political parties mislead the young blood . They misuse the students to serve their own purposes . Fourthly , there is no proper arrangement for hostels .  So , students do not live in direct control of their teachers . 

It is not easy to check indiscipline among students by force or through lectures . But we must first solve the problems of students . The size of the class classes . Again there must be some close contact between teachers and students . Schools and colleges must be kept above party politics . There must be a sufficient number  of hostels   for students to live in . 

Proper arrangements for games and sports should be made . Debates , discussions , kavi sammelans , and cultural programmes may be very helpful in solving the problem . In fact , no country can develop if there is unrest among students .