More people becoming overweight ban on fast food IELTS essay

 Day by day the way of eating of the people is changing.  We are eating fast food instead of taking protein in food.  

Due to which our body is getting weaker day by day.  Due to which the reduction in height is about 5 feet.  Some people have become fond these days.  Instead of protein in the food, fast food is eaten. 

 Fast food does not make our body healthy but unhealthy.  Due to which the disease happens again and again.  To keep the body healthy, we should eat protein.  For people living in the city, protein should take 21 calories per day.  

Protein's main function is to build and repair muscles.  Protein is a nutrient that your body uses to make tissues, hormones, enzymes, and many other chemicals that are essential for life.

  As you age, you should eat more protein.  The highest protein is found in mushrooms, lentils, etc.  If you want to keep the body healthy, then fast food should not be eaten.