My college

 I am a student of science college , patna . It is the one of the oldest and the best colleges in Bihar . The building of my college is very nice . There are forty rooms in my college . All the rooms are airy and sunny . 

There are also large hills in which our  general classes are held . The laboratories of my college are well - furnished . Every classroom has  a big blackboard and desks and benches are well maintained . Every room is whitewashed once in a year and it looks neat and clean . 

There are about  100 teachers in my college . All of them are highly qualified are efficient . They are hard working  and take a keen interest in teaching the boys .

 Classes  run well and our courses  are finished in time . Our principal is a very strict man . We often find him sitting in the office from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  He is an experienced man and he believes in running the institution in an ideal way . 

There are about two thousand students in my college . Every year a good number of students of my college secure national scholarships . There is a study atmosphere I my college .

 Most of the students join this college on the basis of their merit . Naturally , the standard of teaching is high and there is a sense of competition in every student's mind . 

There are three playgrounds in the college . We get all facilities for playing cricket , football  , hockey and outdoor games . Among indoor games , we play chess , billiards , table - tennis etc . When we move about in the evening , we find our college campus humming with players . 

The Library of my college is rich and we can   get here most of the books of our need . The reading - room of our college is well - organized .  

 It remains open for  a long time . There are  three hostels for boys in my  college . I am proud of being a student  of this college .