My favourite hobby

 A hobby is different from our main work . We do some work for money . But a hobby is followed in leisure hours with no idea of profit but for pleasure only . So , different people have different hobbies . 

Gardening , stamp - collection , reading books , music , fishing and painting are some of the popular hobbies . A hobby makes our life pleasant . When we are tired of our day's work , a hobby removes our tiredness and dullness . 

My favourite hobby is gardening . I like  to spend my leisure hours In my garden . I have a small flower garden in front of my house . 

I have planted many beautiful flowers in it . I water them early in the morning . I stay in my garden for an hour or so  . My garden is neat and clean . I forget all my worries in it . I am really proud of my garden . 

Life without a hobby is charmless . ' An idle man is a devil's a workshop .' So , a man must have some hobbies to pass time . My hobby keeps me engaged  in some pleasant work during leisure hours . I do not waste my time in the evening .

Plants and flowers are my silent companions . With them , I feel I am  among my best friends . They talk to me through their greenness and beauty . They are always smiling . 

I have a beautiful bird also . I take it into my garden . It sings sweetly . My hobby gives me spiritual joy . I serve God by serving the things created by him . 

My hobby does not affect my main work . In fact , i  imagine to be in a new world of magic and mugic.  My heart is filled with great Joys to see the beautiful flowers . Like words worth i also feel ,

" And then my heart with pleasure fills  and dances with the daffodils ."