My last day at school

 I was a school student till the end  of March  last year .  31st March  was my last day at school . On that day , the students of class 9th arranged  to give us a farewell party . Our Board examination  was  to  start on 8th  April . We were   given preparatory leave for a week . 

I reached school at 9.30.a.m.on 31st March .  I found many of my classmates . Most of them were  neatly dressed .

 They all looked busy . First of all i went to the library and returned four books that were with me . The librarian gave me clearance chit . I also got a clearance chit  from the hostel superintendent . I handed over all these to the office . My job  was over .  

Then i went to my friends . Many of them were  sitting here and there . I also sat with them . We talked about many things . Some of us talked about the board examination . 

We also talked about our plans after the board examination . All the boys and girls of my class were present at school . It was really a matter of great job to be with them . 

The farewell party started at 3 p.m. These was also a variety show along with the party . The show started at 3.15 p.m. interesting cultural items were staged . Some of  our teachers spoke on the occasion . They gave us good advice . 

Our headmaster also made a fine speech at the end   .  He spoke about our life at school . His speech was touching . It sent almost everybody to tears . He also gave us some useful advice . There were some humorous songs at the end of the programme . 

The party was over . We thanked our junior students . We also greeted our teachers . We paid respects to our headmaster . The whole parting scene was very touching  . 

There were  tears in everybody's  eyes .  They all wished us the best of luck in the coming examination . I will never  forget this  last day of mine at school .   The whole scene always dances before my mind's eyes when I am at ease  .