Scene in an examination hall

 An examination is a very important event in the life of a student . Every student tries hard to prepare for success in the examination  . 

When the examination  is only a few days off , students begin to labour harder and harder . Their eyes sink , faces become pale and  they look weak and unhealthy . 

Finally , the day arrives when students get ready for their examination.  On the examination  day students are very punctual . They get out of their homes or hostels quite early . They hurry up and reach the examination  center  much before the time . They get busy trying to find out their seats . 

Those who cannot find their seats become nervous . There is a great noise in the hall at that time . The examines discuss the possible questions with one another  . Before  the final bell rings , invigilators come in . They distribute the answer  books.  The examinees write down their names and roll numbers . Some boys try to make a last minute revision . 

Then the final bell rings . Some students look sad ; some look excited . Invigilators hurry up . They distribute the question papers . After reading question papers , some become  happy . Some look disturbed . Many boys look here and there . Then they settle down to writing .

 As the examination progresses , invigilators move about . Some boys are busy writing while a few others try to consult their neighboring  candidates . Some boys try to take out slips containing answers . Some boys ask for water or extra sheets of paper . 

Time passes by . The fixed time of three hours approaches its end . Some examinees go on writing while others revise their answers . The closing bell rings . Some examinees submit their answer - books . Some of them still go on writing . Invigilators collect the answer - books . 

After the examination is over , some boys look happy while others are unhappy . Some try to compare their answers with those of others . But the moments of joy and sorrow come to an end in course of time .