Short essay on tea of Assam in hindi

  The leaves are plucked from the tea plant and left in the heater air to reduce the moisture for 24 hours and then the leaves are taken to make tea leaves.

Robert Bruce was discovered tea in  assam in 1823 . Maniram Dewan advised Robert Bruce to meet the singpho chief Bessa Gam regarding tea . 

Chabua tea garden the first tea garden of assam in 1837. Maniram Dewan was the first assamese tea planter . Charles Alexander Bruce person was given charge of tea plantation in assam by east India  company .

Tezpur city's cemetery of assam Robert Bruce was buried  after his untimely death . Monabari tea estate the largest tea garden of assam .

Assam tea was supplied to England for the first time for auction in 1839 . senglung and cinnamara are the two tea gardens established by maniram Dewan . 

The tocklai tea research institute was the first ever tea research institute of the world is situated in the jorhat district of assam in 1911 . Assam tea company was the first tea company in assam in 1839 .