Reading books offers numerous advantages. This is the reason why it is suggested to encourage children to read from an early age. Different genres of books are available in the market. One can pick the subject that interests him and expands his knowledge in the same besides enjoying the various other benefits it offers.

Advantages of Reading Books

Here are some of the advantages of reading books:

  1. Enhances Knowledge

Books are a storehouse of knowledge that is readily up for grabs. Numerous books are available on varied subjects. Reading these is one of the best ways to enhance our knowledge.

  1. Makes Wiser

Having knowledge about different things and being wiser are two different things. Books do not only render knowledge about various subjects but also make us wiser. Reading about a particular subject gives us deep knowledge about it and also renders the wisdom to deal with anything related to it.

  1. Kills Boredom

A person who has a habit of reading can never get bored or feel lonely. Books are our best companions. They are always there by our side selflessly without demanding anything in return. Boredom can never touch a person who develops reading habit. All he needs is a good book to give him company.

  1. Helps Explore Interest

Numerous books on varied subjects are available in the market and in libraries around the world. It is a good idea to read about different subjects in order to explore one’s interest. The more we read, the more we get to know as to which field interests us more. This can play an important and positive role in determining our career choice.

  1. Enhances Creativity

Fictional books acquaint us with numerous characters and put forward various situations. We are faced with various kinds of hypothetical situations while reading these books. They give us the wisdom to deal with different situations in different ways. Reading takes us into a fantasy world and helps in boosting up our creativity.

  1. Improves Vocabulary

It goes without saying that the more books we read the more words we learn and this improves our vocabulary. It is a good idea to underline the new words we encounter while reading and look for their meaning side by side to widen our vocabulary.

  1. Improves Reading and Writing Skills

Reading books also improves our reading skills. The more we read the more fluent and faster we get at it. Besides, a person who is well-read is good at writing as well. This is because he possesses a rich vocabulary and has better ideas as reading widens knowledge and enhances creativity.

  1. Boosts Confidence

As mentioned above, reading enhances our knowledge. A person who is more knowledgeable is certainly more confident. He is better off when it comes to participating in group discussions, debate and quiz competitions as well as during interviews.

  1. Gives New Perspective

Reading gives us a new perspective about various things. We are able to see things from the perspective of the author as well as the characters. This gives a deeper understanding about life. When faced with a problem, a well-read person will be able to view things from different angles and then act upon it rather than rushing to the conclusion.

  1. Positive Impact on Personality

Reading good books has a positive impact on the personality. A person who is well read, worldly wise, confident and creative would certainly have a better personality.


Thus, we see that reading books offers numerous benefits. It makes us confident, improves our vocabulary, enhances our reading and writing skills, gives us a new perspective about life, enhances knowledge, makes us wiser and has a positive impact on our overall personality. A person who is well read is looked upon by everyone around.