Eid - ul - fitr


Among the religious festival Idul-Fitre is the greatest one. On this day Muslims make charity and give away a fixed amount of money to the poor. This is called “Fitar” So the name of this festival is Idul-Fitre. 

 Description: There is a great ├ęclat throughout the country on this day. Children pass the night in very excitement and make various preparations. Some of them use fire-work and decorate and illuminate their houses.

 As soon as the day dawn, all rise from their beds. They go to the pond or river and take bath. They put on new and finest dress. They use ator and make friendly embracement with one another. All take shemai and other kinds of sweets. Sweets are also distributed among the poor, Friends and relatives.

 The poor people flock to the house of the rich and are fed there. There is a flow of great joy and merriment everywhere. The prayer: This being over, all proceeds towards the maidan to say prayer in congregation. Children also flock there in a large member to see the assembly of the people, When the prayer is over, the Imam delivers khutba.

 He explains the significance of this day. He directs people to do their duties to others. He tells then to forget all enmity and rivalry among them. In the end, they raise their hands to Munajat for pardon their sins to Allah. Conclusion: Last of all, people embrace one another and invite to take sweet to every one’s house. 

In the evening, they visit the house of their relatives and friends and pass their times in marry making. It is our foremost duty to forget all enmity among us.