If i were a millionaire

If I were a millionaire

We often hear elderly people advising their young ones to forget the past and the future and care for the present only. But there is hardly any one who has no ambition for a higher status than his present one.

 This constant struggle for a higher position and money remains with a man till the last day of his life. This struggle, in fact, is essential for achieving higher ends in life.

I belong to the middle-class. I can never think of earning millions of dollars but there is nothing wrong in harboring the hope that I might win a lottery. Suppose I am fortunate enough to win a lottery of millions of dollars, I will try to spend it in the most appropriate manner so as to derive the maximum pleasure out of it.

My colleagues advise me that at the very outset, I should endeavor to improve my lot. I should have a huge mansion to live in and a car for the family. But my idea of life is quite different. Rather than improving my lot, I am much more interested in uplifting the condition of the poor masses of the country.

My country is poor. There are people in my country who hardly get two square meals a day, what more to speak of enjoying the comforts and luxuries of life. They are semi-fed and semi-clad. Most of these people are living in villages, where the main occupation of the people is agriculture.

 I will offer them a loan at a very nominal interest to enable them to purchase tractors, fertilizers and better seeds. This scheme will save the villagers from the village money lender.

I will invest a good portion of my money in constructing a hospital with all the modem amenities. I will employ highly qualified doctors. This hospital will be run free of charge for the poor masses. Charities will always be awaited from the rich classes. This will save people from the jaws of death.

Many people, particularly in villages, have no means of recreation, I shall spend a part of my wealth to provide means of recreation for the Many people, particularly in villages, have no means of recreation, I shall spend a part of my wealth to provide means of recreation for the poor. I shall open various social and educational centers at various places.

Since there is no adequate provision for the support of orphans and widows, I would, therefore, lose no time in opening new centers for widows and orphans. They will work and earn their livelihood honorably. This will certainly help in the cause of country's advancement.

There may be people who will jeer and mock at my utter foolishness of spending millions of dollars in this manner. Probably they do not realize that a man gets inner happiness in helping the poor, which is much more than the sensual pleasures that a man can get from the money he possesses. To spend money like this, will be my dearest hopes and aspirations.