Knowledge based education puts emphasis on teaching and learning based on broadly shared knowledge as it builds strong foundation for future learning. It provides a stock full of useful facts and a set of flexible skills.

 Unless we know the content and context we cannot demonstrate our skills. In knowledge based education learners get information that they need to know and how to apply that information in real life. Acquiring knowledge is the first step towards the development of an individual.

Knowledge based education is based on both knowledge that students already have and the knowledge they are going to obtain. Knowledge is facts and information and a set of scientific principles. It is about knowing and learning to do something.

 It is about developing social skills. Knowledge based education gives you a deeper insight and better understanding of the subject. It builds confidence to discuss about various topics with people around you.

Importance of knowledge based Education:

  • Knowledge increases Knowledge: We always learn something new by building on knowledge that we have. To learn something new we need to have basic knowledge first. 
  • For example, if you want to buy a dress of Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor’s brand “Rheson” you will search online where you can buy the dress. But if you never knew the name of the brand and that the brand even exists then you wouldn’t be searching for it. It is important to know to learn more. To move on from one step to another we need to know more. Like in school we start from LKG, UKG and then move on to 1st standard, 2nd standard and so on. It builds the strong base.
  • Reading Comprehension: Reading helps to decode text and improves fluency to pronounce the speech sounds clearly. In knowledge based education, teachers focus on providing reading instructions to develop comprehension skills such as to understand the main idea, imagine, evaluate and conclude. But to understand and comprehend students need content rich knowledge on the subject.
  • Communication: Shared knowledge allows you to communicate. Shared knowledge is important for communicating and understanding each other. In school when we discuss about a certain chapter with classmates, they have knowledge about it as it has already been discussed in the classroom by teacher. They are aware of the subject matter in detail so it becomes easy to communicate. Students can also identify what they have learnt and what they still don’t know that helps them to clear the doubts later.
  • Boost Confidence: Knowledge based education boosts confidence in students as they possess essential knowledge and skills to use it. It builds their ability to think and process independently. Knowledge enables them to develop and grow to their full stature. It helps them socialize more confidently and effectively.

Conclusion: Knowledge based education is important as students can advance educationally and become better readers by obtaining knowledge of the world around them. It helps them develop and become socially active. It helps them progress in various aspects of life. Knowledge gives them a better understanding of the world around them.