tea is a sort of black and dried leaves. It is collected from small bushy trees. Tea plants bear enough green leaves. They grow from five to six feet high. Where grown: Tea does not grow in damp land. Hilly places are suitable for growing tea.

 Darjeeling and Assam in India are famous for tea growing. In Bangladesh the districts of Sylhet and Chittagong produce tea in plenty. Ceylon is one of the best tea-growing countries of the world. 

Formerly tea was not available in our country. It was first imported here from England. How grown: The British and some foreign tea plates grow tea in our country. They engage labourers to work in the tea-gardens. They carefully cultivate and manure the hilly lands.

 Then they sow seeds. Kittle plants grow up. When the bushy plants are fully grown, the labourers pluck their green and soft leaves. The tea-leaves are gathered three or four times every year. These leaves are then dried up. Packed and exported to foreign countries. 

Usefulness: we know that a delicious drink is prepared with tea. First we boil water. Tea is then poured into the water. Within a few minutes, we separate the leaves from the water. This water is called liquor. We mix milk and sugar with the liquor and drink it. This drink is delicious and has a nice flavour. 

 Conclusion: Tea is a stimulant drink. When people feel exhausted, they drink tea. Tea makes their body and mind cheerful. It is very useful in cold countries. People also take tea when they feel cold.