Unity is of utmost importance. Many stories as well as real life incidences have proved how staying united can render strength to people and help them lead a harmonious and fulfilling life. However, many people still do not understand the importance of staying united. They keep fighting over insignificant things and ultimately end up lonely.

Advantages of Unity

Here are some of the advantages of unity:

  1. Help and Support

People who stay united together are never left alone in adversity. They help each other and provide moral as well as financial support when in need. On the other hand living in isolation and oblivious to the people around you, might make you feel insecure and an introvert.

  1. Good Guidance

When we stay united as a part of the society and are in good terms with everyone around, we can seek guidance from them for both personal and professional matters. Elderly people or those who are more learned and experienced provide good guidance on various matters and we can handle them well.

  1. Proper Growth

Staying united is good for our growth and development. Staying together in unity with each other helps in sharing of ideas and opinions which is quite essential for our minds to develop well. In families and societies where people stay united and help each other, children get a healthy environment to grow. This is good for the all round development of children.

  1. Source of Motivation

When we work together, we are motivated and encouraged to work harder. We push each other to accomplish the goals and this works as a great motivational factor. We also encourage and appreciate one another on every achievement. This again works as a motivational force. This way people are motivated to work even better and achieve greater goals.

A person who works alone has to motivate himself on his own and it becomes harder at times.

  1. Greater Accomplishment

When we work together as a team, we are able to accomplish greater goals. We help each other and can overcome various hurdles together. If there is a rift in the team and each individual looks for his individual benefit then it is hard to achieve the common goal. There have been numerous examples wherein people have lost games and projects only because they began fulfilling their own small selfish motives instead of working as a team to achieve the main goal.

  1. Fighting a Mission

Fighting a mission becomes much easier when there are greater numbers of people involved. Many social evils and unjust practices have been fought and eradicated in the past only because people came out in large number to fight against the same. A single person can initiate a cause but cannot fight all alone. It is only when he gets good support; there are chances of winning a battle.


Thus, we see there are numerous benefits of staying united. We can accomplish big tasks, rely on the people in times of need and nurture young minds in a better way if we stay united.