April 2022

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Acidity in hindi

April 19, 2022 0
         Acidity   Home Remedies forAcidity Try to identify foods that contribute to excess stomach acid. Foods that are spicy, salty and ac...
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Essay on cat

April 12, 2022 0
Essay on cat   The domestic cat is a small , typically furry , carnivorous mammal . They are often called house cats when kept as indoor pet...
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Essay on dog

April 12, 2022 0
Essay on dog   Introduction   The dog is a loyal animal. The  domestic dog  is a member of the genus canis , which forms part of the wolf - ...
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National Symbols

April 05, 2022 0
National symbols  National  motto of India - Sattameva Jayate   National Anthem   - Jana Gana Mana  Our National song  - Vande Mataram  Our...
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