Essay on India is the most beautiful country in the world

 Essay on India is the most beautiful country in the world

India was at the mercy of its rulers before its independence on 15th August 1947 . The British did whatever they liked to serve their interests . They broke the e economic backbone of the country . 

They divided us on social , religious and political grounds . But our country has been solving its problems ever since its independence . 

Soon after independence , india started building its economy . It faces the problem of ever - rising population . But its resources are limited . Now  we are trying to check  the growth of population .  

Our agriculture productions have increased . The gap between the rich and the poor has come down . The per capita income of the country has also increased . The economic condition of the nation is better today . We are trying hard to end poverty which we got as a gift from the Britishers .

Today  india produces doctors , engineers , professors and scientists in a very large number . We had to import even pins before India's  freedom  . Now we build big ships , planes and other such things . We have set up heavy industries . We export many of our industrial productions to other countries .

Our satellite is in orbit . We have produced an atom bomb . We have produced lots of missiles for our defence purposes . We are training scientists of other countries in nuclear technology . 

We are setting up industries in the third world countries . Our man has gone into space . We have all things of comforts . Now a television antenna can be seen on almost every house - top in a town . 

India is a democratic country . It follows the policy of peace and brotherhood . People of the country have freedom to Express their views . Our foreign policy preaches love , justice , freedom and equality . 

Our policy of non - alignment is bearing fruits . We are trying to have a socialistic pattern of society . Every citizen has equal rights and duties . India is a secular country . It is a land of different religions , cultures and  languages . In truth , the nation has achieved something great in social and political fields after its freedom . 

Today india is a powerful country . It has made a mark in the field of education and sports . Its voice is heard in the world . It is respected by all . Super powers try to win it over to their sides . If everything goes well , india may be one of the most powerful countries in the world by the next century .