Newspaper essay

Newspaper essay 

 The means of conveying the news of the country and abroad are called 'newspapers'.  We get the introduction of every day events happening in the country or abroad from the newspapers.  We get information about the views of the leaders of our country from newspapers very easily, at least cost.

What happened in other countries yesterday or what is happening today - we get the knowledge of all these things only from newspapers.  

Therefore, today the newspaper is a great power, without which our knowledge is incomplete.  Some people tell the birthplace of the newspaper to the city of Rome in Italy.  

A newspaper was born 400 years ago in Venice, Italy.  was .  In the 17th century it had spread throughout Europe.  Newspapers in India were started by the British in the 18th century.  Then, on seeing it, it was flooded all over India. 

At present, 1,173 dailies and 5,280 weekly papers are published in different languages ​​of India.  Most of these daily papers are published in Hindi.  Their number is 400.  A total of 102 dailies are published in English.  Hindi also has the highest number of weekly papers - 2,253 in Hindi, 382 in English, the rest in other languages.

Newspapers are a great force.  Even big leaders get scared of this.  It sometimes overthrow big governments, sometimes spread the wave of revolution among the people and also helps in establishing good government.  The newspaper also acts as a qualified teacher. 

 It tells us about the country and abroad sitting at home, gives new suggestions for our well-being and develops our practical knowledge.  Not only this, the newspaper is also a friend of businessmen and job seekers.  Traders take advantage of their goods by advertising their goods in newspapers while sitting at home.  

Similarly, educated unemployed get to know about what type of job vacancy is there.  In fact, newspaper expands our knowledge and fulfills the needs of our daily life.  Today it has become very important to have it in every home.  In big cities, people first read the newspaper or newspaper as soon as they get out of bed.  

This is the reason why some people cannot live without it.  There are many types of newspapers – daily, weekly, monthly, fortnightly etc.  Out of all these, the circulation of daily paper is highest and its price is also low.  There are more things related to literature in monthly papers.  The news of the week is discussed in the weekly papers.  

Daily papers are directly related to public life.  Along with the importance of the newspaper, the responsibility of the editors has also increased.  A good editor leads life on a good path so that the public is happy.  Newspapers have developed a lot in India and is gradually happening.  Hence, the future of newspaper in our country is beautiful and bright.