Republic day

 Republic day 

Republic Day (26 January) 'Republic Day' is our national festival.  In 1929, an important session of the Congress was held in Lahore on the banks of the Ravi river, in which, with the ideal inspiration of leaders like Late Lokmanya Tilak and Gokhale, the Congress had pledged to make India completely independent or independent until the country got complete independence.  
Caste, our patriots will not breathe a sigh of peace and tranquility.  We Indians repeat this pledge by hoisting the national flag on 26 January every year that we will always maintain the complete independence of the country.  Not only this, after getting independence on 26 January 1950, the new constitution of India was implemented in the whole country.  

From this date the government of India was declared 'republican' and the work of governing the country started according to the new constitution.  Therefore, the day of 26 January is called as 'Republic Day'.  26 January is our national festival, which is a symbol of complete independence of India.  It has historical and national importance.

On August 15, 1947, India gained its lost independence.  The country became independent.  The British left India.  In 1950, a new constitution of India was prepared and a new foundation of governance was laid in the whole country.  India was declared a republic on 26 January of the same year. 

 According to this, every citizen of the country was given social, economic and political rights and equal opportunities were given to all.  There was no discrimination of caste and gender.  It declared India a 'secular' state and respected the virtues of man.  In fact, this day (26 January) takes us towards a new direction of awakening and reminds us of civil liberties and complete independence every year.  On this national festival, with great preparation, we narrate the stories of the immortal sacrifices of the immortal martyrs of the country, hoisting the national flag at our homes, offering flowers of reverence at the feet of Mother India and reiterating the pledge that we will at any cost. 

 Forgetting all mutual discrimination, we will protect the complete independence of the country.  On this day children, old and young, men and women, small and big all wear new clothes and welcome each other.  On this day we do not swell, there is a wave of joy all around.  The republic which we had laid firm foundation on 26th January, 1950 and dreamed of building a classless and casteless society by removing gender, caste, religion from governance, today it seems to be disintegrating.  

But we have to continue the struggle without getting discouraged, the impact of India's independence has also affected many countries of Asia and Africa.  Now they are also getting free one by one from foreign rule.  Therefore the Republic Day of 26 January brings a new message of renaissance not only for India but also for the whole of Asia and Africa.  

It is clear that 'Republic Day' strengthens our political independence, freedom of the country, freedom of civil rights and new construction of classless and casteless society and every year fills new enthusiasm and resolve in us.  Therefore this day has become an important part of our national life.