Keeping in view of any purpose or plan, when shops are set up at any place or industrial products or other goods are displayed, then this business is called 'Exhibition'.  It is different from fair.  There is no such scheme in any fair, even the shops are not set up systematically, there is no system behind it.  

So a fair is a completely different thing from an exhibition.  Such a part of the city is chosen for holding the exhibition, where people do not have special difficulty in commuting.  Therefore it is often planted in that place of the city, where people gather in large numbers;  For example, Gandhi Maidan in Patna.  For this permission has to be taken from the District Magistrate. 

 The place is cleaned.  The bigger the exhibition, the more land is taken for it and it is surrounded by tins so that untrusted people from outside do not enter inside.  The main entrance of the exhibition is made of bricks and is made attractive and beautiful in every way.  Colorful lights are lit.  Different types of shops are installed and decorated inside.

  There is enough space left in the middle where people can move around very comfortably.  The exhibition is a systematic event.  For this, thought is taken in advance.  There is a ticket hall near the main gate, from where people take tickets and go inside.  Those who do not have a ticket cannot go inside. 

 The police and exhibition staff are stationed at the door to take care of it.  On going inside, various shops are seen decorated in the twinkling of electricity.  If an exhibition of industries has been organized, then most of the shops there are such, which are related to the industries.

The purpose of this type of exhibition is to introduce the industry to the people of that city.  Not only this, there are shops dealing with some simple items of daily life, where furnishings and toys etc. are available.  Women and children are more crowded in these shops.  Usually the exhibition opens at 5 in the evening and closes at 11 in the night.  

Exhibition has a special significance in the life of the country.  It's not useless.  These exhibitions show the progress and development of the country.  Here we get to see good samples of workmanship or craftsmanship in one place, we get to see and buy different things from different provinces.

  By this our knowledge increases, our perspective is broadened and the scope of our knowledge-science is wide.  After independence, the importance of exhibitions has increased more than ever.  Exhibition is very important for our knowledge expansion and entertainment.  

Here we meet the residents of different provinces and establish contact with them through shops.  Therefore, these exhibitions have special importance for the development of national life.