Radio is an amazingly useful invention of modern science.  It has united the whole world.  From this we hear news from all over the world, enjoy music and drama and learn all kinds of knowledge and science.  Radio is also called 'Akashvani', because 'Akashvani' has been mentioned in ancient texts.

  The promotion of radio is in every house.  If we wish, we can leave the radio open all night and all day and listen to the various things of the whole world while lying on the bed sitting at home.  It is heard in the morning, this is AIR Patna', 'This is Delhi', 'This is the Lucknow center of AIR', 'Now there will be news in a while, first in Hindi, then in English go for a walk outside in the evening,  So a voice comes from the paanwallah's shop- 'You just heard Lata Mangeshkar;  Now listen to Manna Dey. 

 There is no place where radio is not found.  The reason for this is that the cost of the radio is not very high , at least Rs 150 .  I find a radio set.  When the telephone wires started breaking in storms and storms or sometimes the miscreants started cutting the wires, then the inconvenience of the people started increasing. 

 It was difficult to send news.  To overcome this difficulty, Indian scientist Shri Jagadishchandra Basu first did many tests, but the Italian scientist Marconi got success.

Marconi proved that whatever a man speaks, it moves in the air as a sound wave;  Our voice never dies.  Akashvani receives the sound spread in the air waves with the power of electricity and hears them.  The place from where the sound is broadcast is called 'AIR Kendra' or 'Broadcasting Station'. 

 Thus, Marconi did a great service to the world by inventing radio in the year 1919. Radio united all three - cinema, gramophone and newspaper.  We get the pleasure of music, dance and drama from radio.  Therefore, it is no longer necessary for them to watch movies.  Earlier we had to use gramophones for songs or call singers at a high cost.  Now we enjoy all kinds of songs and music sitting at home.  Big singers come in front of us and we listen to their songs.  Now there is no need to buy even newspapers. 

 Every day we listen to the latest news from the country and abroad from the radio in 10-15 minutes.  Not only this, radio has promoted universal brotherhood by strengthening international relations.  Radio is also used in modern wars.  Radio has contributed a lot in the expansion of knowledge and science education.  It broadcasts new things every day according to the interest and requirement of all types of people.  

Programs like 'Panchayat' or 'Choupal' for villagers, 'Aangan' for women, 'Bal Mandali' for children, etc., are broadcast every day.  Similarly, there are separate arrangements for programs for school and university students as well.  There is no doubt that radio is very useful and essential for modern life. 

 The use of radio is endless.  It is helping a great deal in uniting the world, in spreading various entertainments in education and in strengthening international civilian life.  In fact, it is a great useful boon of modern science.