Rainy season

 Rainy season 

Rainy season is the queen of the rainy seasons.  It is a unique season among all the seasons of India.  The great poets of the world have praised this season a lot and have written good poems on it.  This season gives life to the world, water to the thirsty and nurtures human beings like a mother. 

 After summer comes rain.  Due to its effect, nature wakes up;  Dried plants and dry leaves come back to life.  There is greenery all around.  Different types of birds enhance the beauty of forests and groves with their melodious sound.  On the banks of the pond, the frogs start turring, the thin vines grow and spread and start clinging to the trees.

  In the dense forests, peacocks start dancing with enthusiasm.  The whole nature embraces a new form and welcomes a new life.  Dry rivers move forward twisting the banks and sometimes the trees and plants of the banks start to fall by overthrowing them.  In this season it seems that someone has spread a green sheet all over the earth.  Field - barn, orchard - orchard, pool - pool, feeding pond - all are full - get completed. 

 To welcome the rain, women worship Lord Indra, swing on the branches of Kadamba and sing Kajali, Lavani, Hidola.  The sky is filled with black clouds.  Sometimes lightning breaks through the clouds and sometimes the clouds thunder.  When small drops of rain fall on small leaves, it seems as if pearls are falling. 

 There is coolness and fun in the air.  The farmers of the village jump up and smiles run across their dry lips.  A new atmosphere of hope and enthusiasm prevails.  Thus, the rainy season molds man and nature.

The rainy season brings a boon or precious gift of new life to the world.  Everyone experiences immense joy by getting a new life.  If there is no rain, there will be an outcry all around, there is no production of food and all the people will die in agony, there will be famine in the country.  Not only this, like humans, animals and birds will also get into trouble.

  In the absence of rain, when the animals do not get fodder, then their condition also starts deteriorating.  The rainy season sometimes gives life, sometimes it takes life.  While on one hand it brings greenery, it also drowns villages and cities due to excessive rainfall.  The roads of the city become clean, but due to the mud in the roads of the villages, there is great difficulty in the movement of vehicles and people.

In this season, poisonous insects, mosquitoes and flies come out in large numbers, due to which diseases like malaria, cholera etc.  Due to incessant rains, the kutcha houses of the poor collapse and they become homeless.  If there is a flood, then farm-for-fields and village-for-villages are destroyed.  In such a situation, there is a great loss of money and people.

  Rain is the season of joy, hope and enthusiasm.  It is very useful for life.  This is the reason that it has the highest place in all the seasons and it is called 'Queen' of all the seasons.  If it were not for this, then life and the existence of the world would have been lost forever.