Social life

 Social life 

The unit of society was traditionally the family.  The worship of Mother Goddess and the images inscribed on the seals indicate that the Harappan society was probably matriarchal. 

Looking at the size and shape of the Sandhav town planning fort, houses and the manner of burial of dead bodies, it appears that the society must have been divided into many classes like priests, traders, officers, craftsmen, weavers and workers. 

 The people of Indus civilization were more peace loving, less war-loving.  The inhabitants of the Indus civilization were both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.  Meat of cow, pig, goat, fish, alligator, tortoise, etc., along with wheat, barley, peas, sesame, mustard, dates, watermelon, were mainly used in food items. 

 Both cotton and woolen clothes were worn.  Jewelery was used by both men and women.  Dice games, dance, hunting, animal fighting were the main means of entertainment.  Religious festivals and celebrations were celebrated from time to time with great pomp.